Platform Fees

Here is an overview of the current fee structure on DroppingNow. Each of these fees are taken out of the seller's proceeds for any transaction that occurs on DroppingNow.

Marketplace Fee - 2.5%

  • All of the revenue generated by marketplace fees goes back to holders of $DN, including sellers.
  • The reward is allocated proportional to the amount of $DN a wallet currently holds of the total $DN supply (pro rata). See the Rewards page for more info.

Dropper Fee - 2.5%

  • All of the revenue generated by the Dropper Fee is distributed proportionally to holders of Dropper Tokens (DTs) for the listing's collection based on the amount of that collection's DT's the wallet holds of that collection's DT supply.
  • Let's assume Jane Doe's wallet owns 10% of the Dropper Tokens for a collection (we'll call it Superb NFT Collection -> SNC for short). Thus, the Dropper Tokens will be SNCDT.
  • Each time an SNC NFT sells on DroppingNow, Jane's wallet has a 10% chance of being awarded the Dropper Fee for that sale.

Fee Rewards Distribution

This diagram helps visualize how the revenue generated by marketplace fees is distributed back to holders of $DN and DTs.
Learn more about fee distribution on our Token Economy page