All-in Dutch auction (AIDA) - An "all-in Dutch auction" is a format of auction where the price declines over time, and the dropper is NOT able to cancel the auction...unless they buy back the NFT(s).
Attributes - The set of metadata properties that are available for a particular NFT collection.
Dropper - A brave member of the #NFTCommunity who sees the value of selling their NFTs in a all-in Dutch auction format. Drop it and Forget it ↘️.
Dropper Token (DT) - DTs are ERC-1155 tokens. This is the NFT where a holder receives marketplace fees from a specific collection according to the % of supply they hold (pro rata).
Dutch auction (DA) - A Dutch auction is a format of auction where price declines over time.
Primary dropper - An NFT seller who drops a particular collection on DroppingNow for the first time ever, and it is the first time the collection has been on-chain.
Sweet spot - The price range where the NFT buyer can't resist buying and pulls the trigger before another buyer does.