What is DroppingNow?

DroppingNow is powered by CryptoSlam ⚡.
Before NFTs went mainstream, was organizing and indexing the first collections on Ethereum, Flow and WAX. We've noticed that today’s NFT marketplaces are filled with stale listings, and high prices that no longer appeal to NFT buyers.
So, our aim is to level up the NFT collecting experience, and do it in a way that helps everyone win.
It’s a bold risk, but the rewards, and opportunities are even bolder.
We’re doing things differently - that’s undeniable.
To summarize, we are:
⚡ Providing NFT traders/buyers/sellers with a platform for real time NFT price discovery.
If you list it, it’s going to sell! It's just a matter of hitting that sweet spot for the buyer to pull the trigger. ⚡ Providing creators, and droppers (those who sell NFTs on DroppingNow) with “tokenized royalties” in the form of our Dropper Tokens, and $DN token. Check out our Tokenomics section for more info on DT and $DN tokens.
As DroppingNow evolves over time, we are resolute in our mission to be a nexus for fun, excitement, and opportunity for NFT buyers and sellers looking for a cutting edge way to collect & sell (drop) their NFTs.
💬 Join us in our Discord today if you have any question or concerns.

Getting Started

Here are some guides to help you get started using the marketplace. If you are a developer, click here to learn more about our API.

About DroppingNow


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